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Your True Colors

Fall is a beautiful time of year. The leaves turn beautiful colors and change is in the air.

Ask yourself: Why do leaves “turn” colors in the Fall?

They don’t! Well, not really.

We know that the green color is a result of chlorophyll – a key element of photosynthesis. In Spring and Summer, the chlorophyll is strongly present.

But there are other colors within the leaves – they’re just temporarily masked by the chlorophyll.

In Fall when the days grow shorter and cooler, the chlorophyll ceases to be dominant and the underlying colors start to show through.

In fact, you’ll notice from the color palette of most leaves, they are a mixture of red, yellow and green:

What can we take away from this?

First, you and I are like the leaves!

Our true colors are often masked by identities we hide behind in the pursuit of “green” (money).

We masquerade as modified versions of ourselves – with power suits, egos, and identities – on the outside, and hiding our true selves on this inside.

Until we can’t hold the charade anymore.

Then we tap into our more authentic selves and move toward pursuits in line with our true feelings, emotions, commitments, and passions.

It’s when we let our true colors shine through that begin to reveal the real beauty inside for all to see, enjoy, and appreciate on the outside.

The faster you can let go of the mask, the more quickly you can relish in the full colors of life!

Fall is indeed a time of change: positive change! It’s a time we get to live more in line with our true selves. In that way, it is certainly my favorite time of year!

A short (< 2 min) video expresses this best:

What does this metaphor inspire you to stop, start or keep doing? Please share in the comments at the bottom!


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