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Ted Whetstone Executive Coach

Imagine a world where outdated thinking is a relic of the past. A world where leaders break free from limiting beliefs and ignite their full potential, shaping a brighter future for themselves and others. That's the world I'm building. 

Call me a transformation alchemist, a human potential hacker, or simply Ted. My playground is the boundless landscape of the mind, where I help forward-thinking leaders transcend the "mind that got us here" and embrace the revolutionary possibilities of "what's next."

I am part philosopher, part pragmatist, fascinated with the connection between nature and human nature, between the cosmos and consciousness.


My mission is simple yet mildly ambitious: transform the mind of humanity. For all our potential and all information available to us, we don't seem to be progressing.


A new approach is required: a new context and a new "mind" both at the individual level and as a human collective. Join me on this mission!

A Little More About Me

My philosophical outlook was inspired at a young age when I got my first electricity kit: the invisible world of electrons and magnets fascinated me. What is this incredible electromagnetic wonder? I was similarly captivated by the natural world. How do plants "know" when to branch and when to flower? How do ants communicate? And what's it like for my dog navigating more by smell than sight? Something was going on beyond the visible and I wanted to understand it all. 

At 13, my father’s job took us to Switzerland. There I attended and graduated from the International School of Geneva with classmates from over 80 nationalities. I chose to take four years (each) of honors-level math, physics, chemistry, and biology. I didn't know that wasn't a "normal" high school education at the time. 

I went on to study physics and materials science engineering at Cornell. But it was my first psychology course freshman year that took my intrigue with the “invisible” to a whole other realm: the mind. It has subsequently led me on a life-long journey of personal growth and development.


My pragmatism comes from decades in corporate business and consulting. I got my start working for an electronics company in technical sales, marketing, new product, and new business development. I was then tapped to establish and run their Japanese subsidiary for six years in the 1990’s. 

After Japan I moved to Los Angeles where started my own consulting business. At first working with small businesses, I soon graduated to running large change management engagements with global Fortune 500s like Toyota and Subaru. It became clear to me that only a certain degree of change can be achieved from the outside: real change - transformative change - must come from the inside. That’s when I decided to focus entirely on the executive coaching side of my practice working with leaders committed to making their outsize impact on their organizations and the world. 

Looking back it all makes sense to me now: as a child my dream was to be an inventor. Now, I get to work with leaders, entrepreneurs, and change agents to reinvent the future. Kid in the candy shop! Grateful to all those who made (and continue to make) it all possible. 

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