In 1998, after setting up and running a successful U.S. electronics subsidiary in Japan, I left the corporate world, moved to Los Angeles, and launched my own consulting firm to help leaders grow and innovate their businesses.

There was a lot of reward in leading large-scale strategic change initiatives, but something was missing. The work had become about process, deliverables and results without attention paid to the people. 


Employees were treated as "roles" and "functions" instead of the highly creative individuals they are. And I was doing the same: playing the role of starched shirt consultant without a personality. Without a soul. 


So I committed to bringing my whole self to my engagements: being all of who I am - not just the part I want people to see. That meant leveraging creativity and expertise. "Left" brain and "right." I started encouraging my clients to do the same. They did . . . and the results followed: better ideas, better engagement, better alignment, better outcomes. 


My passion is driving personal and organizational transformation – the fundamental kind of change that brings radical, off-the-charts professional and personal results. And I get to work with really smart, committed, leaders who want to make an impact in the world. 

Well that's just as good as it gets.


If you're at a junction where strategic personal or organizational change is an imperative, you're my people and I'm yours! Been there; done that. I'm always happy to share my thoughts freely and if I think I can help, I'll let you know how.