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Screw LIFE!

Every cycle seems to repeat itself but actually moves us forward like a screw through time. It’s an odd phenomenon actually: rotating one direction (or plane) and having it move forward in a completely other direction (perpendicular to that plane).

Life is much the same.

Each day can seem like just another day. Each week just another week. But we know that a lot changes in a day, a week, a year. What can seem like Groundhog Day somehow isn’t: during each rotation in time, something augments. Something increments forward.

If your life is without purpose then it’s like the “threads” of the screw are very thin and not much moves forward in terms of meaningful change in the world. However, when you live a life with intention and clarity as to your purpose, there’s almost no limit to the movement you can cause.

What do you want to change as a result of the rotation of your life? What will have augmented forward as a result of you having been?

What do you want different in the world as a result of just this next year of your life? Or next month? Or next week?

You don’t have to get significant: just focus on the direction of change you want life to go and turn every moment into forward movement.

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