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360 Qualitative Assessment

Development Plan Method

Qualitative (interview-based) 360 Assessment

I perform qualitative (interview-based) 360 assessments to support the coaching work we do together. 

1. Initial intake meeting with Manager / Sponsor - general input and suggested 360 participants 

2. Onboarding meeting with Coachee - establish rapport, explain the 360 process, confirm 360 participants (adjust as appropriate), provide 360 invite scripts.

3. Perform 360 qualitative interviews (30 mins. each). Write up 360 report. 

4. Review 360 report with Coachee - review real-time with Coachee, help them understand the contents and work through any questions. Encourage them to review again on their own after the call. Provide and explain Development Plan template for them to create initial version 

5. Review Development Plan with Coachee - help them flush it out, brainstorm actions to take, etc. 

6. Meet with Manager, Coachee, Coach - have Coachee talk through their Development Plan with Manager; facilitate discussions for Manager support of Coachee to make changes they’ve identified for themselves. 

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