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The Harrison Assessment is absolutely unique and we selected it as our tool of choice because of its powerful capabilities. 

Paradoxical Leadership Technology


Are strong traits really strengths? Or, are they potential derailers?


Most assessments recognize that strong traits can be derailers but deal with it by simply acknowledging the person could sometimes exhibit the related derailing trait.


Only Paradox Technology determines if a strong trait is actually a true strength, or a derailer. 

Every trait can be a strength or a derailer depending if the trait is balanced by another seemingly opposite (paradoxical) trait. For example, if a person is strong in both Frankness and Diplomacy, both will be genuine balancing strengths when communicating. 

For more information regarding the Harrison Assessments please visit this link.

Below are samples of three different reports we might run for you to identify areas of strength and areas for growth. Click on each image to download the sample report. 

Paradox Mastery Guide
Paradox Mastery Guide.png
Traits And Definitions
Behavioral Competency Analysis
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