your next big CHANGE 

Strategic Change vs Incremental Change

Incremental change generally means improving within your current paradigm. Not bad - just limited. 

Strategic change, however, can generate tremendous new value and open up vast new opportunities. 


Ask yourself: 

"What's it costing me - emotionally and financially - to be stuck in my current paradigm?

What would it be worth to make strategic change in my life and business?"

Making Strategic Change 

I've spent 20+ years coaching and consulting leaders through strategic change - from small businesses to Fortune 100s. In every case, the client said they had either already screwed up trying themselves or they would have without our guidance. With the right approach and support, you can absolutely succeed. 


I​'ve honed my frameworks and methodologies to optimize upside results while minimizing downside risks. As your partner, I'll help you clarify and plan each stage of change to ensure your success toward your greatest objectives.

The First Consultation is Free

Contact me to schedule a free 2 hour session so you can get a taste of the process and me. No risk, no obligations. Just be prepared to inspired by yourself and your new future ahead. 


I work with forward-thinking leaders who are committed to making an impact in the world.


My passion is driving personal and organizational transformation – the fundamental kind of change that brings radical, off-the-charts results.

And I know what it takes on a personal and business level because I've done it myself. In 1998, after setting up and running an American subsidiary in Japan for six years, I left "corporate" for an entrepreneurial lifestyle and have never looked back since.

As a kid I wanted to be an inventor: now I'm working with entrepreneurs, leaders, and change agents who are inventing new business models, breakthrough products, and new ways to make the world a better place! 

In search of the answers to how the universe works, I studied Physics and engineering at Cornell. While most my life has been spent on left-brained activities, it's my creativity and innovative "right-brain" thinking that has made the biggest differentiator in everything I do.


Now I'm at work on a book called The God Algorithm that explores the connection between nature and human nature, and how understanding of this might just help transform humanity. Gotta think big! 

My vision is a world where people can make their unique contribution pursuing their passions and can sustain a fantastic lifestyle doing so. 

If you're at a strategic junction where a break from the past is crucial to your next evolution, you've come to the right place. 

Give me a shout. Let's discuss your situation and see if we're a fit.