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Creating Breakthrough Solutions
for Complex Problems

INCREASE REVENUES: Your sales are flat, declining, or not growing fast enough
Successful Work Team


  • Challenge limiting assumptions

  • Redefine who we serve and why

  • Align sales and support teams

  • Move from logic-based sales to emotion-based

  • Position selves as market-of-one: nobody can compete head-to-head

Client Examples:

Large manufacturer was able to align their teams to rationalize their parts and marketing programs. Focus on core business enabled them to break out of multi-year slump and increase sales over $50M in three years. 

Small business owner launched a completely new new service offering which increased revenues 50% in 2 years and diversification created significantly enhanced business resilience during downturn. 

INCREASE EFFICIENCY: Complexity slowing down operations and impacting profits
Team work


  • Reimagine processes

  • Integrate silo processes

  • Leverage data to drive optimization

  • Align stakeholders 

Client Examples:

Head of marketing for large enterprise struggling to integrate competing visions within the company. By breaking down initiatives into components and facilitating a more "meta" approach, alignment became possible.

Small business owner frustrated by time being spent in meetings. A series of standard meetings and formats were established, reducing errors, confusion and problems rolling "uphill" to the boss. 


Solopreneur spending more time on operations than sales. By defining processes and service levels required, automation and outsourcing reduced administrative drag by over 50% 

DEVELOP STRATEGY: Create a Plan for Change


  • Define ideal state and work backward

  • Prioritize fiercely

  • Engage and enroll stakeholders

  • Execute, measure, and iterate

Client Examples:

Head of corporate division sets sights to make his impact. Develops broad-based strategic plan to transform department that sets him on the fast-track to upper management. 

Small business owner wants to follow passion pursuits; thinks in order to do so, he must (reluctantly) sell his business. As a result of our work together, he is  able to empower employees to step up their own leadership in the business and he is able to pursue new interests without selling his company. 

Solopreneur frustrated that she feels powerless and can only be reactive to client needs. Shifting how she positions herself with clients, she becomes sought-after thought leader and can now turn client work on and off at will. 

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