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9:41 AM

Hey, Ted.  Do you have a minute?

Sure, Bob. What's up?

My business is struggling. Our revenues have been stuck at about $15M for the past three years and we can't seem to break out. Can you help?

What seems to be the problem?

We're doing all the right things - we just can't do any more. My team is overloaded and I'm on the verge of burnout. We can't seem to break out. 

From 1 to 10 how you think your team performing toward delivering increased revenues and profits? 

Well, individually they're great people. But, frankly, they're so busy putting out fires they probably aren't collectively focussed on the business like I am. I suppose I'd give them a "6"

OK. Now imagine the same team, but acting in unison and aligned toward the objectives of the firm. How well could they reasonably be performing? 

They could easily be an "8."

What's that gap costing you?

Don't throw up, Bob; that's gross. Stick with me here - what's a reasonable investment to close that gap?

I suppose 3x ROI would be reasonable. That would be . . . $100K. 

I bet you can spend a fraction of that and still get the result. 

WHAT?!? That would be amazing! But how?

Our 90-day Growth Accelerator Program has helped companies like yours with dramatic results.

But it may also be time for more strategic change with our Innovator Program which could take you to a whole other level.

Why don't we have a 30-minute call and discuss some options. 

Uh, Bob, click here to schedule a call. Time's a tickin'

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