Strategic Growth Program

How it works.


You know the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result. To get non-linear, impactful, and lasting results, some kind of fundamental change is required. 

to give you the tough love, independent perspective as well as the critical support to


I truly believe that we are the only ones in our own way and that's precisely why you need someone outside of you and your operation to help drive your organization to new heights. 

to give you the tough love, independent perspective as well as the critical support to

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The Strategic Growth Program breaks into four phases over 90 days. Each is designed to build on the next to bring achievable objectives and the realizable change to support it. 

The program can be extended on a monthly basis after the first 90 days depending on needs of the situation. 

1. Assessment

"A problem well defined is a problem half solved."

"The road of a thousand miles begins with the first step"

In this important phase we meet individually with your key strategic leaders and even the "up and comers" in the organization.


The purpose is to form an accurate picture of the true "As Is" state of the organization (not what Management thinks it is).


The additional purpose is to establish rapport with each of the key leaders so they feel comfortable sharing the very information they hold back from their bosses or peers (for the usual reasons) so we can get at the root issues holding the organization back.

The assessment is designed to begin momentum toward a transformation process that begins in the next phase. 

Phase 2. Strategy

"Context eats content for breakfast every time"

This phase begins witha Strategy workshop designed to establish growth objectives and then elicit and align the best ideas to move the organization toward them. 

Ideally, the session is held over an entire day but it can be broken up into two half days depending on the operating needs of the business. 

What comes out of the session is a high level roadmap for growth. More importantly what comes out is an excited and aligned team that knows exactly what they're going to do and why. But equally important, they know what is NOT going to part of the roadmap which eliminates the distractions from charismatic teams members with pet projects that aren't aligned with the value drivers for success. 

Phase 3. Execution

"In theory there's no difference between theory and practice. In practice there always is." 

This is where the rubber meets the road. Individuals have electred themselves (or been assigned) specific initiatives. The excitement of the workshop has worn off and there are customers yelling for support. 

Immediately after the Strategy session we meet with each of the team leaders to talk through their own project objectives, help them to break them into manageable tasks or sub-projects to research. We identify what support they'll need, including freed up badnwidth to make the important changes that will generate more business going forward.

This is also where we step in between management and the workers to fight for the key leaders to get the time to focus and develop their plans. 

We meet once per week for the next several weeks to cement the momentum and help remove blockages that inevitably come up. 

Phase 4. Optimization

"From new vistas, appear entirely new horizons."


We're on our way. Big changes are happening. We're feeling good.

But from this new plateaus of performance, "stuff" we hadn't planned on enevitably appears. But so do unexpected opportunities. 

In this last phase, we optimize the work we had planned and extend all the value possible 

Own Your Freakin’ Market

Have you been dicking around, struggling like everyone else, unable to break free from the pack?

You know your niche is out there, your market is waiting for you, if only you knew how to realign and redeploy your assets in ways that can achieve breakthrough results.

You know you have the potential to do something special, to stand out from the crowd, if only you could see things from a different angle...

That’s where we come in.

For over(  ) years, we ‘ve helped leadership teams gain fresh perspectives by engaging in a disciplined process that uncovers their potential, identifies their true differentiation, and charts their path to market dominance.

During this company-changing 12 week transformation, we take you through a meticulous step-by-step process to tease out the magic that’s been hiding under the surface, by asking and answering questions like:
•    What is our true mission, vision and values that become a bedrock foundation for creating a great place to work, dominating our market, and generating fantastic returns?
•    What are our strengths?
•    What can you do better than others?
•    What gets the fuck in our way, and how do we obliterate those obstacles?
•    What actions must be taken to get us from good to great?

Master puzzle solver, Ted Whetstone, has been helping leadership teams get their heads out of their asses for decades. He has been a change champion for executives at Fortune ___ companies, as well as a mentor to CEO’s at $15 – $20 MM companies, to …………………..