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A problem can't be solved with the same level of thinking that created it. ~Albert Einstein

With complex problems, the solution path is found through some transformation: the end state can't be seen from the beginning.


We've honed a 4-phase methodology that works while minimizing risk. 

What's the REAL Problem?
  • Understand the scope of the total problem

  • Ensure the right people are involved

  • Align stakeholders on:

    • the true problem (not just the symptoms)

    • the attributes of the ideal future state (not the solution itself)

  • Establish expectations 

What would be Ideal?
  • Crunch the numbers

  • Test hypotheses

  • Develop models and run scenarios

  • Prepare change management plans

  • Develop launch programming and materials 

  • Train stakeholders for rollout

Leverage New Current State
  • Sunset old programs and processes

  • Augment and streamline adjacent processes

  • Increase impact and effectiveness of stakeholder partners

  • Identify next opportunities from this new vista

  • Set timeline to review and repeat the process

Put theory into Practice
  • Mobilize stakeholders according to plan

  • Reconfigure processes

  • Report feedback

  • Overcome unexpected barriers and manage change at all critical touch points

  • Merchandize wins and secure confidence in the change

Set up a Free Consultation

The tools and methodologies deployed in our transformation process can be reviewed during your initial consultation.

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